Hello and welcome on my little website.

Hi, I am Martin Timpe. I live in Bad Kreuznach in Germany (nearly 100km west of Frankfurt am Main). In my free time my passion is astrophotography and astronomy. Most of the time I use a small, privately owned telescope equipment in my backyard. But from time to time I travel to remote places to take advantage of a dark night sky without civil light pollution and good weather conditions. Since 2009 I am member of the Hofheim observatory (Sternwarte Hofheim). Besides other activities there I maintain the observatory's allsky meteor camera since November 2020. The camera is part of an european/american fireball network (an independent, coordinated network of stations operated by amateurs, see the homepage for more informations). Other interests of mine are Linux, open source software, Python, reading, mountainbiking, good food and other things that enrich my life :-). In my professional life I work in the field of computer aided engineering (CAE). I am mainly concerned with the system design and the static and dynamic calculations on the mechanics of radio telescopes and telecommunication antennas. I use Finite Element software (ANSYS/APDL) most of the time besides Matlab, Python and a bunch of other engineering software tools. Before that I worked a few years in the automotive industry where I was concerned with simulations in the area of structural dynamics (acoustics, vibrations, known as "NVH" = Noise, Vibration, Harshness). I have a degree in mechanical engineering from Darmstadt University of Technology.