NGC 1977 - The Running Man Nebula

The reflection nebula NGC 1977 in the constellation Orion a slightly north of the Great Orion-Nebula.


Image Data: NGC 1977, the "Running Man Nebula", Telescope Newton 10" f/4, Camera Atik 460EXM, 8x300s per Channel, RGB

Exposure Data:
  • Newton f=1000mm f/4

  • Camera Atik 460Exm mit Baader RGB Filtern

  • Exposure Times
    • 8x300s R

    • 8x300s G

    • 8x300s B

  • Total: 2h

  • Date: 08-09.02.2023

  • Location: Bad Kreuznach / Germany

  • Mount Skywatcher EQ8R-pro / Pegasus Astro EQMod

  • Guiding and Exposure Control with INDI / PHD2 / CCDCiel running on XUbuntu Linux

  • Image Processing PixInsight and Darktable


NGC 1977 with labels