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Aurora over Bad Kreuznach (Germany) in the night from 10 to 11 May 2024

During the night of 10 to 11 May, a rare event for Central European latitudes occurred: a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun hit the earth's atmosphere and caused auroras all over Europe. Here is a collection of pictures from my location in Bad Kreuznach (Germany). The colours of the following pictures were only clearly attenuated or not visible at all to the naked eye, as the brightness of the aurora was mostly not high enough to appeal to the colour receptors of the human eye. Nevertheless, I watched the event in amazement on the meadow in the garden and recognised the light phenomena as an unusually bright veils in the clear, dark night sky (shortly after new moon).


Viewing Direction North-East, Aurora Borealis, 2024-05-10 approx. 22:45 UTC (2024-05-11 0:45 MEST), Background St Wolfgang's church tower

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