Mars close to Constellation Gemini on 25.03.2023

A wide angle shot on the island La Palma shortly after new moon. Due to the long exposure times the planet Mars can be seen as a bright reddish-yellow spot in the lower right corner whereas some well known deep-sky objects (the open cluster M35, the jelly-fish nebula IC 443 ant others) can be seen in the upper half of the image. The view was unfortunately a bit clouded by Sahara dust as a result of the weather phenomenon "Kalima" and the moon crescent illuminated thereby the sky already considerably.


Mars close to Constellation Gemini on 25.03.2023, Picture taken on La Palma, 194x60s, telephoto lens f=135mm, ISO800 mit Canon EOS60Da

Exposure Data:
  • Telephoto Lens Samyang f=135mm @f/2

  • Camera EOS60Da ISO800

  • Exposure Time:
    • 194x60s RGB

  • Total Exposure Time: 3h14min

  • Date: 25.03.2023

  • Locatoin: La Palma / Canary Islands

  • Mount iOption Skyguider pro

  • Image Processing: PixInsight and Darktable


MMars close to Constellation Gemini on 25.03.2023 with overlayed Labels for deep-sky objects